The Most Beloved Health Products According to Reviewers

Do you need to spend hundreds of bucks to get the best health products? The answer is no. By shopping around and buying what truly leads to good health, you can find health products that support your entire well-being.

Good health does not have to be complicated and it should not cost a fortune. Okay, there are health products you may want to spend extra cash on. 

Most importantly, try to stay away from “fad health products.” Often, they have short life cycles and are not very well researched. When you want to enjoy good health, it is better to stick to health products that have been tried and tested. 

1 MBT Walking Shoes 

Masai Barefoot walking shoes have stood the test of time. The company that makes MBT walking shoes was founded in 1996. Since then, millions of pair of MBT walking shoes have been sold around the world. 

What makes them so special? It is that heel-to-toe action. Naturally, when we walk, this is how we are meant to walk. However, over the years, thanks to modern footwear, we have fallen into bad walking habits often resulting in circulation problems and even sciatica. 

In some European countries, you can get MBT walking shoes on free medical prescriptions from your doctor. They are excellent when it comes to supporting you to walk in the right way with a better posture. 

At the same time, MBT walking shoes tone your legs and give you better endurance. Try them. You will almost immediately notice the difference if you are experiencing back pain problems.

2 Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

We need Omega 3 essential fatty acids, but our bodies can’t manufacture them. The only way we can get them is from cold water fish. 

However, eating enough cold water fish to get the full effect is challenging. 

Omega 3 is one of the few supplements that has many health benefits. Not only does it help to improve joint health. It is also excellent for cognitive function in both young people and seniors. The list of health benefits you get from taking one 500mg supplement a day is endless. 

3 Weighted Blankets

Not getting enough sleep is another common problem. Of course, it is important to de-junk your life and environment from electronic Blue Light omitting clutter before you go to bed. But, if you still can’t sleep well, you may want to try a weighted blanket. 

Weighted blankets have been around for some time. You can get both cooling weighted blankets and warm weighted blankets. 

How do they work? More research is needed, however, it seems weighted blankets help when it comes to reducing anxiety. When we sleep well, our bodies produce more endorphins that have a clear link to good health. 

4 Taking A Sauna

Not all of us have a sauna at home, but that is not a reason why we should not use saunas to improve our health. 

Many of us would probably think that Scandinavians are mad for getting into a hot sauna only to dive into freezing waters. 

What scientists have discovered is that sauna users experience less inflammatory disease. We know that cold and hot treatments reduce inflammatory response and subsequently pain. 

Is this how saunas improve our health? Quite possibly. 

5 Blood Pressure Monitor

Although you should have a pair of scales in your home as weight is an indicator of health, it is not the only indicator. 

Even skinny people have problems with blood pressure. Investing in a blood pressure monitor is a great idea. Your blood pressure is a far better indicator of your health status than your weight alone. 

6 Sprouts

Every sprout is a microcosmos of nutrients. If you are not already growing sprouts at home, you should give it a go. They are so tasty that you probably never buy salad again!

Best of all, you can sprout almost anything. What do sprouts taste like? They taste almost the same as large veg but have perhaps more intense flavours. 

Best of all, pound per pound, they are richer in nutrients. Growing sprouts is super easy. It only takes a couple of days. You never be without fresh greens, Whatsmore, once you have tasted a sprout salad, you never look back. 

7 Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea from South Africa is rich in antioxidants. Normally, larger pharmaceutical companies would not take an interest in herbal teas. 

But Rooibos tea has far too many health benefits to be ignored. Pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money from copying molecule chains found in plants. 

Subsequently, many of our modern drugs are derived from the plant world including statins and other drugs. A cup of Rooibos first thing in the morning delivers a potent dose of healthy properties. 

Rooibos health benefits include anti-diabetic compounds uniquely found in this plant.

8 Invest In A Steamer

Air fryers help you to reduce your energy costs. That is great, but so do steamers. 

Steaming your food also has many health benefits. When you steam food, you preserve the nutrients. Needless to say, boosting your nutrient intake helps to improve your health. 

And you can cook an entire family meal in a steamer in 30 minutes! Steamers are great for cakes and bread as well. 

9 Fitness Resistance Bands

Strength training is one of those things many of us are reluctant to do. It often means going to the gym or working out with weights. 

Although working out with weights is good for you, there is nothing wrong with using your body’s natural weight and resistance. 

Exercising using resistance bands is great for working out almost every muscle group in the body. Also, you take them with you and they don’t cost a fortune. 

10 Never Underestimate Honey

Honey is naturally anti-bacterial. Long before we started to use antibiotics, we used honey to treat our ills. 

Antibiotic resistance is a serious problem. This is where honey comes in. Using honey instead of antibiotics may take slightly longer, but it does work. At the same time, you boost your body’s immune system. 

Australia produces some of the best natural organic raw honey in the world. We should make more of this natural resource.

Final Thoughts

New health products are launched all of the time. But, we should never ignore the ones that have stood the test of time. 

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